our combined strengths

Our sweet pepper growers are all family businesses, where the knowledge and love of peppers is passed down from one generation to the next. They are true entrepreneurs with a clear vision for the future. They also have one more thing in common: a real passion for sweet peppers.

SweetPoint VOF

In 1996, four Dutch sweet pepper growers decided to explore the possibilities of expanding the sweet pepper segment. The results were clear and with that, the pointed pepper was born; a sweet pointed pepper with an exceptional tase, deliciously sweet and with few seeds. The formation of grower association SweetPoint (2003) was a logical next step. Sweet pointed peppers are now grown on 27 hectares of cultivation area spread across five locations in the Netherlands. Their expertise, maximum dedication and passion guarantee the most flavourful pointed peppers of the highest quality. Thanks to intensive knowledge exchange and a breeding company, SweetPoint has added a new dimension to the cultivation of sweet pointed pepper. Sweeter, healthier, and with better shelf life, but most of all: tastier.

    VD Holland

    Since the 1990s, the Van Dijk family has been specialising in growing blocky peppers. They started their business in the Westland area, but are based in the northernmost tip of the province of Noord-Holland since 2007. At the helm of the business are brothers Tim and Arnaud van Dijk, the new generation. The family business now boasts 43 hectares. They have been optimising the cultivation of sweet peppers through the generations. We have adopted and perfected the cultivation method that allows us to guarantee peppers of the very best quality. The family is committed to growing blocky peppers as sustainably as possible. We use hardly any fossil fuels which results in sweet peppers with a low carbon footprint. Since we only use state-of-the-art glass constructions combined with the latest technology, we are among the most sustainable growers in the country.

      Jansen Paprika B.V.

      Since 1965, Jansen Paprika has been focusing on growing sweet peppers, as one of the first sweet pepper nurseries in the Netherlands. Having started out in the Westland area, they relocated to Andijk in North-Holland in 2004. The family business now has 2 modern growerlocations with a production area of 25 hectares and is run by brothers Ron and Ivo Jansen. The driven organization is committed to providing tailor-made solutions to its customers. With a focus on efficiency, the family business produces fresh bell peppers every day. Jansen Paprika is an ambitious business that follows developments in sweet pepper nurseries all around the world, in order to be able to continue growing peppers in the future. Sustainability is an important theme in the company. The brothers are committed every day to producing top-quality sweet peppers in the most sustainable way possible.

        Personal Vision

        The Persoon and Van den Berg families have been growing sweet peppers since 1975. Personal Vision has been keeping up with the scale increase: following the 7 hectares of new construction in 2007, this nursery is now equipped with the latest modern technology. The company now has three sites with 21 hectares of cultivation space on Wilgenlei in Bleiswijk. With Stephan, Roy and Nick Persoon and Maikel van den Berg at the helm, the company, and its group of dedicated partners and employees are committed to producing delicious sweet peppers every day.

          What we stand for

          The continuity of our growers is our raison d’├¬tre. Adding value for our members is what Growers United is all about.