On 12 July, Growers United celebrated the driving in of the first foundation pile of the new packaging centre with offices at the WFO business park in Zwaagdijk. The new building will be used to grade and pack blocky peppers from the PapriCo product group. All partners involved in the new building attended the event. After the official kick-off by managing director Jan Opschoor and PapriCo grower Arnaud van Dijk, those present enjoyed a drink together.

Sustainable construction
Growers United believes that doing business sustainably is the future, so the new building will be built as sustainably as possible. The design has also focussed on creating a pleasant working environment. The building features plenty of transparent elements (the operational processes can be seen from the office), and employees can take a break inside and outside. The landscaping around the building will have a green and open character.

The premises offer a total of 10,000 m2 of production space, 840 m2 of office space, and two loading pits.

Conscious choice for North Holland
Although Growers United recently built a new packaging centre in Maasdijk, after careful thought it was decided to continue grading and packaging blocky peppers in North Holland, close to the production sites of PapriCo growers. This allows them to operate flexibly, and respond quickly to changing customer demands.

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